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Welcome to Ocean Bunny.

But before we proceed with a proper introduction to this blog, may I ask you a serious fashion question?

Do you look forward to shopping for a bikini each season?

If so, raise your left hand.

If you've let out a strong sigh — or are secretly wishing you could push one of those Sports Illustrated bikini models with finely sculpted abs and thighs the size of 9-year-old gymnasts off the runway — you are not alone.

In fact, you are among friends.

Like so many women, I would rather have an orangutan with 12-inch banana hands perform a root canal on my teeth, than shop for a swim suit.

But 5 years ago, I found a way to let my size 8 body and 5-foot voluptuous frame look fabulously divine in a bikini, without the aid of liposuction, the lemonade diet or tying two sarongs around my full breasts and not-so-tiny waist to hide my flaws.

As a result of my new found bathing suit freedom, I've made it my personal mission to dispense bathing suit wisdom to free the beautiful woman within you and help women feel confident and utterly beautiful in swimwear.

At Ocean Bunny, you will learn time-tested swimsuit style secrets to slim your waist, elongate your legs and transform yourself from drab and dowdy to seriously sexy. Here you'll also read about the latest beach fashion from cover-ups to flip flops for every budget, every size, and every woman's body.

Each season our swim stylists select flirty-but-classic bikinis, show-stopping one-pieces, ultra-flattering and sexy, on-trend and chic vacation wardrobes in a rainbow of patterns, colors, and sizes.

Our selection of on-trend swimsuits, cover-ups, sundresses, hats, handbags, jewelry, sandals and travel accessories are high in quality, and at prices that won’t break your bathing suit budget.

Whether you're basking in the California sun, taking a dip in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, or just lounging by the pool in Miami, our goal is to make you feel so special that you will proudly flaunt your beautiful body at the beach, poolside or wherever you desire to make some serious waves.