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As the heat rises and the beach and pool party invitations arrive, women of all shapes and sizes are faced with the dilemma of buying and wearing a bathing suit.

Now, you can choose to worry about your but, hips and thighs oryou can use the following bathing suit buying guide to get a suit that will make you look amazing and feel marvelous.

Here's how to make a splash at the beach and flaunt your curves with confidence.

  1. LARGE BUST: Try a bikini top and bottom with a wide band. Or a halter top that will give extra support for your full bust.
  2. SMALL BUST: Look for an asymmetrical top and a ruched bottom. Printed bathing suits will give you the illusion of a fuller bustline. Boost your bust with bold jewelry worn around the neckline.
  3. PEAR-SHAPE: Buy a ruched halter top that will draw the eye upward and balance out your wide hips. To complement your pear shape, a bikini bottom with a drawstring closure on the sides can be used to show as much or as little as you would like to reveal.
  4. LARGE MIDDLE: Conceal your flabby tummy with a high waist and a bandeau bikini top. Cover-up your curves with a silk sarong or a lace dress featuring a three-quarter-sleeve V-neck tunic.
  5. SHORT LEGS: Go for a high-cut bikini bottom to lengthen your legs. A halter top will complete your outfit.
  6. BOYISH FIGURE: Give the illusion of curves with a high-neck, strategic cut maillot. Add a pair of fashionable sunglasses and a sarong to complete your beach bombshell look.
  7. SHORT TORSO: Buy a belted, one-piece bathing suit with a plunging neckline to elongate your torso.
  8. LONG TORSO: Choose an embellished one-piece swimsuit that will give you the appearance of a lean and balanced figure.

We come in all shapes and sizes. Use this bathing suit buying guide to find a suit that fits, is fabulous and flatters!

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