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No matter what her size, most women often avoid shopping for a bathing suit like the plague.

In fact, women of all sizes know that a too-big or too-small swimsuit will reveal figure flaws like flabby tummies and sagging breasts.

The perfect swimsuit, however, supports the bosom, camouflages any flabby or saggy problem areas and lifts and sculpts the body like a high-priced Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

Using these 7 super-sexy shopping tips below you can flatter your frame, and reduce lumps and bumps with hot and spicy swimwear, regardless of your size or shape.

1 – Learn the bathing suit lingo.

Here are the five most types of swimwear options sold in stores like Swim Outlet, Fig Leaves and Everything But Water : tankinis, swimwear with skirts, shortinis, bathing suits with blouson tops or one-piece bathing suits.

What’s the difference? Tankinis substitute the teeny-triangle bikini top with a tank. A skirted one-piece bathing suit adds a small piece of fabric resembling a flowing mini skirt over your one-piece bathing suit.

Shortini bathing suits feature a small bikini bottom paired with a pair of boy shorts. A blouson-style bathing suit has a flowing top that is attached to the bottom of a one-piece swimsuit.

2- Go up one dress size.

To allow your swimswear to glide and skim across your body, buy a bathing suit that is one size larger than your regular dress size. When your swimsuit is too tight it around your leg or shoulders, it cuts into any excess flesh and makes you look like a stuffed sausage and bigger.

To fix this fashion problem, the straps of your bathing suit should rest comfortably on your shoulders, and does not dig into your bare flesh.


3 – Use criss-crossing and ruching details to camouflage any problem areas.

Fabric that is draped and gathered across the stomach, will reduce the appearance of a large belly. Have a boyish figure? You can create contour the body and create a waist with a simple criss-cross design across your entire midsection.

4 – Create a sexy optical illusion to trick the eye.

Swimwear with deep v-necks and plunging necklines will slim a large or curvy frame. To draw your eye upwards and balance wide hips, wear one-piece swimwear featuring halter tops.

To support your boobs and butt while slimming your tummy, buy a suit with structure that lifts and supports the bust, tummy and your bottom.

5 – For women with large hips and small breasts, select a bathing suit with a colorful and bright small print for your top.

To look your best, pair the top with a dark-colored navy or black bottom, boy short or skirted swimsuit. Plus size beauties should stick to darker-toned swimwear like, navy or chocolate brown, or choose hues close to your natural skin tone.

6 – Think super-sexy and super- stretchy.

Buy swimwear with a Lycra content that is between 10 and 15 percent. The high concentration of Lycra in the bathing suit will compress your flesh without creating any unflattering bulges.

If you are plus-sized, buy swimwear that has double linings and underwire support in the top. Also, a Lycra-loving swim suit will retain its shape during moments when you are by the pool or walking along the beach.

While swimwear options and style vary from one season to the next, you can buy the hottest one piece suits or bikinis to hug your curves and flatter your figure beautifully.

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