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Bikini shopping doesn't have to be a stressful experience.

If fact, when shopping for the hottest swimwear online, you can find luxury leather, camouflage and  fantasy bikinis for all shapes and sizes.

With a few key styling tricks and our bikini shopping guide, your Saturday afternoon online shopping trip could land you the most beautiful, figure-flattering and sexy bikini for your body shape.

If you have a rectangular body shape:You have a straight figure with an undefined waist.


Avoid the boyish look and make your body look feminine by buying styles with side ties and ruffles. This detailing will help to create extra curves and the eyes to your assets and away from the negative areas.

By choosing the best bikini for your body shape, your frame will look proportional when you wear a complimentary bikini top and bikini bottom.

Need a cute swimsuit cover-up? Pair an ankle-length  dress to cover up your tiniest string bikinis.

 If you have a triangle body shape: You have bigger legs, thighs or a large bottom.

Bikinis with a halter top put emphasis on your bust while giving the illusion of smaller hips and thighs.

To minimize a large rear-end, choose dark-colored bikini bottoms or boy shorts.

Your curvy body shape will look more balanced in styles that streamline your bottom half and draw the eyes up toward your neck and cleavage.

If you have an inverted triangle body shape: You have a large chest, small hips or wide shoulders.

Look for bikinis that provide extra support on top.

You can avoid thin fabrics, tiny triangle tops, and bandeaus by purchasing styles that draw attention to the bottom half while balancing out the top.

 If you have an hourglass shape: You have a full top, small middle and full bottom.

You have a shape that can wear almost any swimsuit. Your well-proportioned body looks great in monokinis and tankinis. Avoid mismatched bikini bottoms and tops because it can make you look unbalanced and disproportional.

By choosing the best bikinis for your body type, you can minimize your negative figure flaws and accentuate the positive one. Whether you are attending a pool party or lounging by the pool, you can wear swimwear that flatters and fits your feminine figure best.bikini for your body type

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