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Dying to be the best dressed woman at the pool?

The key is to pick colorful outfits and follow a beauty routine that help you to look fabulous from head to toe.

Read on for tips to eliminate stubble, meltproof your makeup, give yourself a color boost, and choose a beautiful bikini. 

Use waxing and shaving interchangeably

  • Three days before waxing, exfoliate with a scrub to remove dead skin and to lift ingrown hairs.
  • Avoid pain by trimming hair to 1/4 inch
  • Test the temperature of the wax.

Prevent makeup smears and smudges

  • Start with a primer because it stops perspiration and heat from ruining your foundation.
  • Stick to a lightweight foundation.
  • Dust on powder eye shadow or draw a waterproof liquid eyeliner along your upper lashes.
  • Swipe on a sheer balm.

Give yourself a gorgeous glow

  • Use a bronzer, which offers an instant tint then washes off in water.
  • Spray an aerosol bronzer a foot away from your skin.
  • Blend any streaks with a stiff body brush.

Choose your bikini wisely

  • Boldly-hued swimsuits always make a statement: choose floral, tribal, or animal patterns over solid-colored swimwear.
  • The 1950s look will hug your curves (gathered material, polka dot bikini ), make you look feminine (haltered, one piece, sweetheart neckline), or make you feel comfortable (high-waisted bottoms).
  • Frilly(string bikini ), flirty(deep-V, or a one piece ), choose layers and ruffles.

Before stepping outdoors in your fun print bikini, your retro inspired bikini, or your layered bikini, be sure you have adequately prepared your body for some fun in the sun.

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