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“6 Plus Size Swimsuits Guaranteed to Make You Look Thinner, Sexier and Fabulous at the Beach”

For women who wear a size 14 or above you do not have to avoid shopping for bathing suits or plus sized swimwear.

In fact, I know a few plus sized women who postpone poolside activities and refuse to make an appearance at the beach, because the options for plus size bathing suits are the opposite of fab.  However, the fabulous and fashion-forward plus-size diva does not have to live in mumuville anymore.

Thanks to the creation of new glamorous and well-constructed plus size swimwear, ocean bunnies with a little meat on their bones, can wear beautiful swimwear just like the skinny girls.

Feast your eyes on the following styles of swimsuits that make any plus size woman look amazing.

Use this primer to find 6 styles of swimwear this season that will drape your fabulous frame in all of this seasons’ figure-flattering plus size swimwear scrumptious goodness.

Choose one-piece plus size swimwear with a skirted bottom.

A plus sized one-piece is the perfect selection for women who want to slim and cover any figure flaws instantly. Find a one-piece that has a skirted bottom to cover your thighs and tummy.

A one-piece swimsuit covers any problem areas while creating a slim silhouette that accentuates a full-figured frame beautifully.


Wear a Jogger Plus Size Swimsuit.

If you don’t want to wear a one-piece or the dreaded bikini during water sporting activities (or while playing beach volleyball) choose a jogger swimsuit.

A jogger bathing suit has a top made of lycra, nylon or spandex that has foam cups built in the bust to provide extra support. Attached to the bottom of  jogger swimsuits are boy shorts that fit loosely and allow for freedom of movement.

Select a skirtini.

A skirtini swimsuit mimics a short and fashionable dress that a plus-size woman would wear to the beach. Skirtini bathing suits are popular due to the secret panels hidden within the bathing suit. These panels include a minimizer–that whittles your waist and hides a flabby tummy.

Skirtini swimwear is often adjustable to allow the woman to make the bathing suit shorter or longer.

Try a standard one-piece bathing suit.

A plus-sized one-piece swimsuit, like the one pictured above, features extra support in the bust and wide shoulder straps for extra comfort. The best feature of this plus sized swimwear option is the blouson swim top.

Blouson topped bathing suits feature large flowing tops connected to the top of one-piece swimwear.

Try one piece boy short swimsuits.

A boy short swimsuit is a one-piece bathing suit with a piece of fabric attached that resembles boy shorts. It is the distant cousin of the jogger swimsuit, as it resembles a tank top and shorts worn as a one-piece swimsuit.

Select two-piece plus size swimwear

Don’t avoid wearing a plus sized bikini. For women who want to flaunt their curves, you can look sexy in a two-piece swimsuit. A shortini or tankini can be word with a bikini top for the woman who prefers shorts to high-cut bikini bottoms.

A Few Plus Size Swimwear Slimming Tricks:

When choosing a plus sized swimsuit there are many tricks and bathing suit illusions that will camouflage problem areas and accent a woman’s best body parts.

  • Swimwear that uses draped fabric or ruching across the tummy can hide belly bulges. If your swimsuit includes design elements that incorporate criss-cross features into the swimwear, your bathing suit will create a smaller waist and provide additional body contouring.
  • Use these bathing suit illusions to draw the eye upwards. Swimsuits with halter-tops help balance wide hips. While deep v-necks add slimming features to a large frame.
  • If you have a large bottom, but a small top, wear a dark colored skirt or short at the bottom and a colorful printed halter or blouson one-piece up top.
  • Dark brown, blue and black swimwear are slimming to the eye, but plus size women can wear patterns and bold stripes too.
  • As long as the bathing suit is figure flattering and follows the bathing suit slimming tricks above, a woman can wear any swimsuit in any color she desires.
  • A woman with an ample bosom should choose plus sized swimwear that also has cup and underwire support. Also, choose swimwear that has support panels in the tummy, bust and rear end.

Rather than adorn their bodies with ill-fitting fabrics and flower-printed cover-ups the plus sized woman with any fashion sense no longer has to hide her fabulous frame in drab beachwear fit for a peasant…but not a queen.

Unleash your body in these six plus size swimwear options and rule the sands and the waves with swimsuits that fit beautiful shoppers of all sizes and shapes.

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  8. Rissa Lucas Reply

    There is nothing like finally finding a suit that really flatters your curves while still looking sexy. I agree that just because you have a full figure does not mean that you can’t flaunt your curves in a sexy two piece. Bring it on!

  9. Ralph Stewart Reply

    Hi ocean bunny’s
    my fiance wears plus size clothes.she wants a bikini bathing suit her size.
    the bottoms.she wants them to meet her belly button.is there anyway you
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    Ralph Stewart

  10. Michael Hixson Reply

    Thank you for your comments on plus size swimwear. This is something that I also deal with in the beachwear business. There are so many great fashionable options for all women now. There are one piece and two piece swimsuits called shapers which may make you appear long and lean. The variety of colors and patterns may be used to your advantage with a one piece bathing suit. The darker colors appear to be more slimming while brighter colors and patterns may attract attention away from a problem area. As you mentioned the boy shorts are popular and there is also the tankini. Designers are finally getting it right.

  11. One Piece Bikinis Reply

    Thanks for sharing these great tips! I would also add the girls boardshorts as another thing to consider when shopping for great cover ups with your bikini.

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