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Women over a size 14 often dread buying trendy plus size swimsuits.

Considering that many plus sized women postpone beach and pool activities, (for lack of desirable plus sized bathing suit options), a woman with curves deserves affordable and sexy bathing suit options for her time in the sun.

Thanks to the new creation of glamorous and well-constructed swimwear options, there is a bounty of beautiful beachwear to flatter women of all shapes and sizes. For women looking for affordable and trendy plus size swimsuits, here's what every woman should know before buying a plus-sized bathing suit.

Here is an interesting fact about the plus size market.

According to NPD Group, a leading market research organization, the women’s plus sized industry is one of the fastest growing shopping markets. Swimwear designers and manufacturers are creating more plus size bathing suit options to satisfy the 22 billion dollars in sales volume that women sized 14 and up are spending.

What types of trendy plus size swimsuits are available for the plus sized woman?

  • Popular plus size swimsuit styles are: skirted swimwear, blouson tops, shortinis, tankinis, and one-piece swimwear.
  • A tankini has standard bikini bottoms but replaces the bikini top with a tank style swim top.
  • Shortinis are similar to tankinis. But the shortini bathing suit is a tank top with shorts instead of the bikini bottoms.
  • A plus-sized swimsuit with a blouson top is a one-piece bathing suit with a flowing top attached to the bottom of the swimwear.
  • A skirted swimsuit is a one-piece bathing suit with a slowing skirt attached to the bottom of the swimwear.

When should you buy a plus size bathing suit?

At the start of the swimsuit season–May or June—begin the mad dash to find swimwear in your size. If you are looking for a trendy plus size swimsuit, shop during the off-season, preferably during the winter and fall months.

For designer plus sized swimwear visit, Ross, Marshalls and T.J. Maxx for trendy swimsuit options for up to 35 to 50 percent off retail prices.

Learn how to buy trendy plus size swimsuits that will fit and flatter your figure.

  1. To make sure that your swimwear fits perfectly, never try on a bathing suit during your menstrual cycle or after a meal.
  2. If you have an ample bosom, choose swimwear with additional support in the bust and straps. Avoid any swimwear without underwire in the cups and thick straps to support your breasts.
  3. A perfect plus size bathing suit should retain its original shape during all activity. Whether the wearer is swimming, relaxing by the pool or walking along the beach, the swimwear should cling to the body comfortably.
  4. Beware of white or sheet bathing suit fabrics. A light colored swimsuit may reveal the parts of your body you need to conceal when wet.
  5. The perfect plus size swimsuit should be comfortable. Ensure that your bathing suit is not too tight around your midsection, legs or arms.

The plus sized woman demands an affordable and trendy plus size swimsuit that will not only flatter her shape, but also give her the same fashion satisfaction as the petite or smaller-framed bathing suit consumer.

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